Holiday season is here and big vacations lie ahead. For those who have to stay home, here are some beauty products that come with pleasant sounding destinations. Let your skin do the traveling.

MIN New York „Voodoo“

FriedmanBerlin Face Care

Acqua di Parma „Chinotto di Liguria“

Ligne St. Barth Homme Shower Gel & Body Lotion

4711 Portugal Eau de Cologne

Brooklyn Soap Company Shaving Kit

Mandarina Duck Let’s travel to New York Eau de Toilette

Tweed Ride Hamburg 2018

On Father’s Day I had the pleasure to join this Charity Bicycle Rally. A crowd of over 100 people gathered in front of the Le Velo Café, located in the magnificent menswear store Ladage & Oelke to show their passion for vintage handmade quality products, protest for better traffic conditions in Hamburg and raise money for the charity organization Westwind, to supply free bikes for refugees. After a nice ride through town, the tour ended at Jenischpark with a decent picnic. Special thanks go out to Clubkinder e.V. for the organization of this enchanting event. See you all again next year.

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Outside Ladage&Oelke and the Le Velo Café

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Hat by Stetson, seen at Falkenhagen, Shirt by Van Laack

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Shoes by Heinrich Dinkelacker, seen at Shoepassion

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Clean cut

Last week I had the pleasure to be invited to Captain’s Barbershop in Duesseldorf. Shave and haircut turned out to be the best ones I have ever experienced so far. Relaxed atmosphere, nice drinks and very good music made the treatment a fantastic experience. Ahmed and his team really know how to use their scissors-highly recommended.

Captain’s Barbershop


40219 Düsseldorf

All images by Oliver Zeuke




Father’s Day

You should treat your Daddy good throughout the whole year. but there is this one special day, where you can show him some extra love and gratitude. Don’t worry, i will give you some father’s day cocktail recipes in a coupe of days, but today I would like to focus on gifts that might need some days of preparation. So please don’t come up with the excuse, you did not have the time to grab something nice for your old man.

Cufflinks by Tiffany & Co


Cufflinks by Werkstatt München

Automatic watch by Gucci

Men’s Skincare by The Grey

Briefcase by Paul Smith

Belt by Jil Sander

Hunter Flask by Ettinger

Budapester Full Brogue Shoes by Heinrich Dinkelacker

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E(gg)xtreme drinking

Taking a closer look  at the quite german habit of drinking „Eierlikör“ during easter holidays. The drink originally was found in the 17th century by European conquerors in basil. The recipe of „Abacate“ contained avocados, sugar and rum and was named „Advocaat“ by the europeans. They brought it back to the old world, where they had to change to main ingredient, due to the lack of avocados. They used yolk and the „Eierlikör“ was born, which is more or les similar to internationally more common eggnog.


Lotta’s Eierlikör 700ml €13,-

Verpoorten Original 700ml €12,-

Stählemühle 350ml €35,-

Muttis Eierlikör 750 ml €17,95

Poli Bomb 700ml €15,90