Patrón Tequila Press Dinner in Berlin

©2017 Tom Nicholson

During Bar Convent Berlin 2017 I had the honour to prepare drinks for a media crowd on a dinner at the Restaurant einsunternull in Berlin. For a seven course menu I developed four cocktail pairings to accompany  the dishes.

Chicory and Quinze

Heart of Beef on Barley mash

Flamed Char with leek ash

Salad with Vinegar and oil (as a dessert!!!!)

The food was absolutely amazing and luckily my drinks seemed to please the crowd….

Photo credit : Tom Nicholson

Preparing the cocktail „El Martinez Xocola“ containing Patróm Alejo Tequila, italian Vermouth and Chocolate Vodka, finishing with an orange zest.

 Photo credit : Tom Nicholson
Photo credit : Tom Nicholson
Photo credit : Tom Nicholson
Photo credit : Tom Nicholson

Presenting my competition drink „The Golden South“ made with Patron Reposed Tequila, Verjus, Bergamotte Liqueur and some simple syrup. Served in 24k gold plated goblet from Sieger by Fürstenberg china.

Photo credit : Tom Nicholson

Massive thanks to Patron Tequila , Thrsxty and About Brand Communication for making all this happen.

Outfit by Herr von Eden

Watch by Gucci

Tattoo by Atelier Tietchen

Double Happiness

Taking a look outside our window these days, doesn’t really put you in a  happy mood. Especially in Germany the non-existing summer this year went straight on to become a cold, wet and windy fall. But here is something to cheer you up….

Canada Goose is launching a strictly limited edition of the Canada Coat to celebrate its own 60th birthday and to commemorate Canada’s (yes, the country!) 150th anniversary.

The parka is designed to be worn in some of the harshest conditions of the planet (I am talking about weather conditions, club credibility not officially tested yet) and comes with a drop down flap on the back, fleece hand warmer pockets and two mesh kidney pockets for extra protection. Available for both men and women.

Patrón Perfectionists


So finally here is the video from the Patron Perfectionists Competition in Berlin….

So much looking forward to represent Germany in the World Finals in January 2018 in Mexico. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you everyone, who made this possible, especially Marcel Baumann, Petra Wieneke, Patron Tequila, the Team of About Brand Communication, Sieger by Fürstenberg and my fellow contestants….you guys rock!

Message in a bottle



Suffering from a little cold it took me some days to finish my olfactory journey and find my favorite scents from MiN New York. Before I present you my highlights I would let Chad Murawcyk talk about his company and vision:

MiN New York is delivering so called Scent Stories. Fragrances that you can connect to certain events in your life and that evoke special emotions and memories from the past.

I got absolutely thrilled by „MoonDust“, a complex smell of coriander, mineral accord and carrot seed on top, heart by flint, ozone and tobacco and benzoin, earth and black musk as the base.

That was followed by „Momento“, containing absinthe among other extracts and „Old School Bench“, having angelica root as an ingredient, one of the major flavors in every gin. This is how you make a bartender happy.

The strongest memories and emotions came back to me when I smelled  „Magic Circus“. Bergamot, pineapple, cotton candy, patchouli and caramel brought me straight back to my childhood….wow!

I admit, all of these scents mentioned sound rather heavy and bold. But there was one quite light one, somehow springlike smell that stuck to my head. „Chef ’s Table“ comes with tomato leaf, turkish rose, iris, sage and tonka bean-absolutely delicious.

The fragrances come in two different sizes. Collections is extended through scented candles and body washes, for the moment only available in the US, but there are plans for the european market. So stay tuned!


Products are available here.



(german idiom for a cock-and-bull-story)

There is no need for the guys at Rymhart to spin a yarn about their knitwear. Although they use a lot of it. Approximately 33 kilometers of finest merino wool yarn are spun to create one of their sweaters.

The company, located outside Hamburg, produces long-lasting knits since the late 1950’s. During my factory tour I could spot a couple of old machines, still in use since those days.


The knitting process itself  is done on high-performance computer based looms, where over 75.000 needles in total work simultaneously.

The half-zip sweater and cardigans are masterpieces. Merino wool, as a natural material is self cleaning. The structure of the yarn , combined with the knitting pattern, guarantees the perfect thermal insulation and never a single wind chill. And they have an eye on the detail. For example the zipper. The way it is sewn into the sweater blocks wind from the outside and furthermore stops your beard from getting caught in it.

Karl-Frank Siegel, who runs the company in 4th generation is a passionate sailor….

...and is still participating in the production.

The name „Rymhart“ comes from the frisian proverb ‚rüm hart-klaar kimming‚, which is best translated with ‚broad heart & clear horizon‘ and gives a little insight towards their brand values. When you order through their website (products are only available online), the sweater gets delivered in a solid duffle bag, together with a voucher  to refresh the sweater after a couple of years. Free of charge of course. Prices start from around 200 Euros, which is more than reasonable for a lifetime companion.


Summer Pop

Since my last visit to Berlin I am a big fan of MYKITA Eyewear. Ambush is the object of my desire…

The german brand, known for their innovative materials and stunning designer collaborations, is now willing to conquer the north. From now on, until the 2nd of September they opened a Pop-Up-Store at Neonbox in Hamburg, presenting the biggest selection of MYKITA styles in town, including MYKITA+Maison Margiela and their latest coup, MYKITA+Tim Coppens.

The frame is called Tequila, perfect match for a bartender…..

The belgian Designer graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and founded his own label in New York. And I guess 90 % of you own a piece of him, because Tim Coppens is the Executive Creative Director for Under Armour Sportswear.


Ottenser Hauptstraße 63, 22765 Hamburg
opening times: 11:00–20:00

Serving some Vesper realness

Today is Martini Day and I made a little twist of the classical Vesper Martini, known as THE James Bond cocktail, first mentioned in ‚Casino Royale‘, commemorating James‘ only true love, Vesper Lynd.


5cl Prütt Coffee Gin

3cl Tito’s Vodka

1 cl L’Aero d’Or Quinquina

garnish with a very long lemon peel


Fine art in silver

Ok, I have to confess….I am addicted to silver jewelry and the old songs of Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub. Especially the stuff from Werkstatt:München is just the style I like most. Unique designs without any ’schnick-schnack‘, edgy, rough, but yet fragile and light. I had the pleasure to visit Klaus Lohmeyer in his workspace in a munich backyard and the artistic atmosphere there catches you the second you step into the door.

Foto: Joachim Baldauf