(german idiom for a cock-and-bull-story)

There is no need for the guys at Rymhart to spin a yarn about their knitwear. Although they use a lot of it. Approximately 33 kilometers of finest merino wool yarn are spun to create one of their sweaters.

The company, located outside Hamburg, produces long-lasting knits since the late 1950’s. During my factory tour I could spot a couple of old machines, still in use since those days.


The knitting process itself  is done on high-performance computer based looms, where over 75.000 needles in total work simultaneously.

The half-zip sweater and cardigans are masterpieces. Merino wool, as a natural material is self cleaning. The structure of the yarn , combined with the knitting pattern, guarantees the perfect thermal insulation and never a single wind chill. And they have an eye on the detail. For example the zipper. The way it is sewn into the sweater blocks wind from the outside and furthermore stops your beard from getting caught in it.

Karl-Frank Siegel, who runs the company in 4th generation is a passionate sailor….

...and is still participating in the production.

The name „Rymhart“ comes from the frisian proverb ‚rüm hart-klaar kimming‚, which is best translated with ‚broad heart & clear horizon‘ and gives a little insight towards their brand values. When you order through their website (products are only available online), the sweater gets delivered in a solid duffle bag, together with a voucher  to refresh the sweater after a couple of years. Free of charge of course. Prices start from around 200 Euros, which is more than reasonable for a lifetime companion.


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