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Suffering from a little cold it took me some days to finish my olfactory journey and find my favorite scents from MiN New York. Before I present you my highlights I would let Chad Murawcyk talk about his company and vision:

MiN New York is delivering so called Scent Stories. Fragrances that you can connect to certain events in your life and that evoke special emotions and memories from the past.

I got absolutely thrilled by „MoonDust“, a complex smell of coriander, mineral accord and carrot seed on top, heart by flint, ozone and tobacco and benzoin, earth and black musk as the base.

That was followed by „Momento“, containing absinthe among other extracts and „Old School Bench“, having angelica root as an ingredient, one of the major flavors in every gin. This is how you make a bartender happy.

The strongest memories and emotions came back to me when I smelled  „Magic Circus“. Bergamot, pineapple, cotton candy, patchouli and caramel brought me straight back to my childhood….wow!

I admit, all of these scents mentioned sound rather heavy and bold. But there was one quite light one, somehow springlike smell that stuck to my head. „Chef ’s Table“ comes with tomato leaf, turkish rose, iris, sage and tonka bean-absolutely delicious.

The fragrances come in two different sizes. Collections is extended through scented candles and body washes, for the moment only available in the US, but there are plans for the european market. So stay tuned!


Products are available here.


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