Patrón Tequila Press Dinner in Berlin

©2017 Tom Nicholson

During Bar Convent Berlin 2017 I had the honour to prepare drinks for a media crowd on a dinner at the Restaurant einsunternull in Berlin. For a seven course menu I developed four cocktail pairings to accompany  the dishes.

Chicory and Quinze

Heart of Beef on Barley mash

Flamed Char with leek ash

Salad with Vinegar and oil (as a dessert!!!!)

The food was absolutely amazing and luckily my drinks seemed to please the crowd….

Photo credit : Tom Nicholson

Preparing the cocktail „El Martinez Xocola“ containing Patróm Alejo Tequila, italian Vermouth and Chocolate Vodka, finishing with an orange zest.

 Photo credit : Tom Nicholson
Photo credit : Tom Nicholson
Photo credit : Tom Nicholson
Photo credit : Tom Nicholson

Presenting my competition drink „The Golden South“ made with Patron Reposed Tequila, Verjus, Bergamotte Liqueur and some simple syrup. Served in 24k gold plated goblet from Sieger by Fürstenberg china.

Photo credit : Tom Nicholson

Massive thanks to Patron Tequila , Thrsxty and About Brand Communication for making all this happen.

Outfit by Herr von Eden

Watch by Gucci

Tattoo by Atelier Tietchen

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