The Liquid Christmas Countdown

Christmastime and spending the last weekend in your hometown to celebrate the  50th wedding anniversary of your parents, left quite a melancholic aftertaste. Maybe it is just a question of growing up, that you suddenly discover yourself becoming melancholic when thinking about your homeland.  So I came up with the idea to create a cocktail honoring the places of my childhood, the Luneburg Heath.

At Le Lion we quite successfully sell a drink called „Sparling Beesknees“, containing Gin, Lemon, Honey, topped up wth Champagne. Having this as a base, I am recently working on a drink (working title: „Erika“-how witty!) I found these locally produced products. Calluna Gin,made out of local common juniper and heather, lavender and elderflower and a hint of roses. The honey is also locally produced, using the nectar of the heather plants growing all around.

So now I need your help. Should I stick to Champagne and Lemonjuice or can you think of an alternative,  that delivers acidity and bubbles to the drink. Looking forward to your comments and ideas.

And by the way:

Top: The painting in the background shows the farm of my grandparents. A place they had to leave behind during World War II.

Below: A picture taken on my parents wedding together with my grandparents.

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