Patrón Perfectionists….En route to Guadalajara

Day 1

So here we are, the big Mexican adventure is about to start now.

Saturday the 13th of January was packed with last preparations. Final shopping for some ingredients, picking up my suit for the competition at Linus Hamburg and rushing home to start packing….


Spent saturday night with a bunch of friends at MXSTR. Kicked the night of with some super delicious Tacos and Margaritas, before we headed on to the Golden Pudel club to shake our bits to the hits of DJ legend Boris Dlugosch, followed by a last round of FAKO (Fanta-Korn) at the Old Sailor.


Got some sleep before my 22hours journey started at 7 am with my flight to Frankfurt and the surprising fact that my bags were to heavy and 2,5 kg overweight cost you 100 euros extra…..

The connection flight from Frankfurt to Houston turned out to be some kind of challenge. Had a prebooked (and paid!!!) seat at an emergency exit to get a little more extra leg space. Unfortunately the seating chart was wrong and I found myself squeezed in behind an emergency exit row with strange boxes under the seat in front of me and even less space than in a regular row…..happy face! Adressed the flight attendant and got a new seat , aisle and regular leg space, fair enough! Right after take-off the entertainment system broke down (of course only in my row) and couldn’t be fixed. Right, keep calm, this flight is equipped with flynet, so buy a day pass and work during the flight. Easy access, went online, all seemed to turn out nicely….but no! After 6 minutes flynet stopped broadcasting, due to the fact that our route was so up north that we couldn’t connect to the satellite anymore. Yeah!!! A +11 hours flight with no movies, no reading light and the internet service down. Well, at least we were on time. And the purser was really a sweetheart, so I arrived in Houston with a bunch of free extra miles as a compensation.

Outfit by Stone Island

I finally arrived in Guadalajara at 20:15 local time, met Felipe our driver and Gian Paolo, the contestant from Rome, Italy. Together we drove to the Westin Guadalajara Hotel, where we met the rest of the bartenders from all over the world, who participate in the Patrón Perfectionist competition, plus Simon and Paloma from Difford’s Guide, who will join us for the next days to  give you more inside views. Time for Margarita!

Thank you Patrón for the amazing gifts in our rooms!



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