Patrón Perfectionists Maguey

Already back in Germany it took me some days to sort pictures und fight the jetlag. Had my first bar shift last night after the amazing mexican adventure, so back on track. Today I would love to share the impressions from our visit to the agave fields, the distillery and the competition preparations.


Tuesday’s theme was the maguey (spanish for agave). Went to a plantation and watched a jimador harvest a piña for us. Spiky business…..


Lunchbreak was filled with some Charreada fun, some mexican style rodeo and the chance to do some serious horseriding

Outfit by Levi’s

In the early afternoon we headed back to the Hacienda Patrón to finally get know the secrets of tequila production. Got introduced to every single process, from cooking the agave, fermentation and setting, to finally try some uniquely aged tequilas.

Quite light headed the first of us had to do their presentation preparations later on, which already turned out to be quite a challenge, after constant margarita infusion and some tequila test shots on top…..


Finished some last drinks from the amazing Hacienda Bar team und went to bed to rest before the big day.

No, I did not shrink….the bed was huge!

Pictures by  Victor Long and myself.


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