E(gg)xtreme drinking

Taking a closer look  at the quite german habit of drinking „Eierlikör“ during easter holidays. The drink originally was found in the 17th century by European conquerors in basil. The recipe of „Abacate“ contained avocados, sugar and rum and was named „Advocaat“ by the europeans. They brought it back to the old world, where they had to change to main ingredient, due to the lack of avocados. They used yolk and the „Eierlikör“ was born, which is more or les similar to internationally more common eggnog.


Lotta’s Eierlikör 700ml €13,-

Verpoorten Original 700ml €12,-

Stählemühle 350ml €35,-

Muttis Eierlikör 750 ml €17,95

Poli Bomb 700ml €15,90

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