Welcome to the world of tenderblender.com


My name is Dirk and through tenderblender.com I will try to give you some insights about my life and everything that is of any importance for me.

Brought up in lower saxony, I started to conquer the world right after I left school. Started studying american and british literature and linguistic, but had to discover the me and university life will never become friends.

My first job took me to Hamburg, where I started as a fashion assistant with MAX magazine. Eternal gratitude to my boss Klaus Stockhausen (yes, one of the guys behind BOYTRONIC ,  DJ-legend at the former house club FRONT) and the beauty mastermind Betty Brenn.

Beginning of 2000 I got my first job as a fashion editor for MAXIM magazine in Berlin. Carola, Antonia, Ilona, Alexa-to name just a few-we all had an amazing time those days in the booming capital. During that time I started to fall in love with watches and jewelry, a passion that will accompany me as long as I will live.

Due to personal reasons I moved back to Hamburg in 2005 and started to work as a freelance fashion stylist, writer and producer. ICON magazine, Otto, adidas and Tommy Hilfiger were among my clients during that time.

Turning 40 marked a big change in my life. I got married to the most adorable man on this planet and also jobwise I completely changed the scenery. After a short intermezzo working as a PR manager, I turned my back towards fashion and Co. und started to become a Bartender at LE LION Bar de Paris in Hamburg. Both events were the best decisions so far in my life.

With this blog I am trying to combine all these aspects together: bartending, fashion and my life as a husband. Everything that means so much to me.

Welcome to my world.